Recrument researching and programming

Position: Fulltime Researcher Time: Immediate Requirements: experienced in software engineering, proficient in writing web-based database management programs, and deep-understanding of programming languages. Working place: Department of ISE, International University – Hochiminh City National University, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City ISE (72)

Form Lists

IS01-ISE thesis proposal-evaluation IS02-Thesis EF-Advisor IS03 – Thesis EF- Reviewer IS04-Thesis EF-Committee IS05-Approval of revised proposal IS06-Approval of revised thesis IS08-Thesis-Proposal-Approval-Form IS09-Thesis Advisor Acceptance Form ISE Thesis proposal-form-2014 Request form for add or cancel course School Leaving Form Score changing_new temporary leaving form TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM (42)

Program Specification Undergrad

PROGRAM SPECIFICATION Awarding body/institution: International University HCMC Teaching institution: Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, International University HCMC Accreditation: MOET standard, recognized in 2016 Name of the final award: Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial and Systems Engineering Program Title: Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial and Systems Engineering Program Educational Objectives Be practicing engineers in the field of production and services, who are able to (i) Design or redesign industrial systems Create new design for industrial systems in production and service from small to medium size. For some especial cases, new design for large systems will also be considered Analyze and research Read More …