Thông báo

Để việc chỉnh sửa luận văn Tốt nghiệp cuối khóa đợt 1 năm 2017 được tiến hành tốt hơn, Bộ môn KTHTCN xin thông báo gia hạn thời gian hoàn tất chỉnh sửa luận văn cho khóa MISE đợt 1 năm 2017. Deadline gia hạn: 31/5/2017. (29)

Trường Đại học Suny Binghamton

THE COOPERATIVE TRAINING PROGRAM BETWEEN THE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, VIETNAM AND THE UNIVERSITY OF SUNY BINGHAMTON, STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK – BINGHAMTON ( Binghamton University opened its doors as Triple Cities College in 1946 to serve the needs of local veterans returning from service in World War II. Originally located in Endicott, five miles west of the present campus, the fledgling school was a branch of Syracuse University. Four years later, when the college was incorporated into the State University of New York, it was renamed Harpur College in honor of Robert Harpur, a Colonial teacher, patriot and pioneer, who Read More …